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Our Team

Hannah Chernos -

Marketing Lead - Copywriter

Hannah Chernos is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with majors in Environmental Science and Human Geography, as well a minor in English literature.  She is also enrolled in the Juris Doctor program at the University of Calgary. Hannah is adept at marketing new ideas, while developing and implementing projects independently, according to budgetary and time constraints.  Her professional experience with print marketing, online marketing platforms, and media presence (both print and on television), serves well in the marketing world. With a keen understanding of people, Hannah thrives in situations demanding interpersonal skills and communication.  Well-connected to the world of social media, Hannah is well versed in the habits and desires of the online community.     

Nunzio Fortugno -

CEO - Enterprise Architecture

Nunzio Fortugno, a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, is a seasoned veteran in the IT world.  With over two decades of experience as a consulting practitioner in business and information technology, Nunzio deeply understands the software development market.  His professional pursuits include the successful management of projects in a variety of industries, the rescue of existing projects that are not meeting their goals, as well as the consultation with senior stakeholders.  Nunzio also excels in the rapid determination of an organization’s business operating model, through the development of strategic roadmaps and "big picture” business, data, application, and technology architectures.  As a successful enterprise architect, Nunzio helps organizations realize their potential, and maximize their outcomes.   

Patricia Dumontier -

Executive Developer - Mobile Design Guru

Patricia Dumontier has both an Advanced Bachelor's of Computer Science, and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, giving her a unique technical tool set.  Patricia boasts a wide variety of software and programming skills, as well as attributes such as being highly personable and an excellent time-manager, all of which allows her to maintain a cooperative, professional relationship with all coworkers and clients.  She is adept in the architecture, design, and development of databases and programs serving a wide range of industries. Patricia's expertise at troubleshooting and debugging allow her to not only develop aesthetically attractive apps, but give her the tools necessary to ensure that all products are fully functional.  Patricia's passion for her work and her drive to succeed are evident in all of her projects, leading to exceptional products and customer service.

Rosario Fortugno -

Project Engineer - Data Scientist

Rosario Fortugno is a graduate of the University of Alberta, where he studied Electrical Engineering, with some emphasis on Computer Engineering.  Following his graduation, Rosario pursued a career as a Project Engineer in the Alberta power industry.  With a passion and intuition for project management, Rosario chose to broaden his experience and obtain his associate certification in Project Management.  He has a deep understanding of how to manage meaningful projects, from inception through to completion.  Rosario is adept at research and statistical development, needed to understand the effectiveness of different marketing platforms. As a keen observer of the mobile technology space and a market-savvy tech guru, Rosario has understands the ways in which social media can be leveraged to promote product update and distribution. 

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