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Our Method

At CylineaSoft, we apply an iterative method to development that allows for client feedback at key stages of the project. This ensures that your objectives are being met and the project is successful.

Our sites are built with functionality and design in mind.

from concept to release

from concept
to release

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From concept

Project success requires a strong start. We recognize that listening is key. From the start, we will work with you to analyze, define, and shape your idea. Our key objective at this stage is to share your vision, understand your requirements, and create a detailed scope for the project. This process results in a “vision statement”, meant to effectively guide the entire project.


Open communications and two-way collaboration with our clients enable us to bring unspoken requirements and complex business logic to the surface, where they can be carefully documented. We combine our design, development, and technological skills with your business experience to arrive at an optimal solution.


Architecture is the process of designing and planning a solution. The result is a blueprint that describes the project functionality and technical framework. Much more than a set of graphic elements, architecture is the process of solving a problem while balancing capability with cost. Our design process begins with planning, research, and strategizing. We then create wire frames and visual mock-ups that let you easily visualize, and modify, what the finished product will look like.


Once the design elements are completed and approved, our development team gets to start doing what they love - code. We develop and implement the solution within a controlled test environment. The process involves taking the final mock-ups and turning them into partially functional prototypes that allow us to obtain your feedback as we continue with the coding process.


Testing occurs throughout our development process, moving from a very granular scope during development and then progressing to a much broader, application level scope once all functionality is implemented. We test, retest, and test again to make sure that everything functions as designed and that your new application meets our high standards. All our projects end with strict reviews to capture lessons learned for the continuous improvement of our processes and products.

To release

We work with you to implement the completed solution. Then, after rigorous testing and quality assurance, we can deploy your online business or release your app! Now it's time to sit back and enjoy.

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