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A Spotlight on our Speedskater

Hannah Chernos - Friday, April 24, 2015

      At CylineaSoft, we believe that success is a carefully crafted recipe.  Like most recipes, success necessitates ingredients, that, when mixed together, create something wonderful.  Sometimes, recipes can surprise you, as certain ingredients just don't seem to go together, yet, somehow work together to form something even better than could have been imagined.  CylineaSoft takes its cue from the greatest chefs, and finds the most unique ingredients that play off the strengths of one another.  

      While the recipe for success doesn't call for thyme, rosemary, or olive oil, it does call for a diverse group of individuals, each of whom boasts different strengths.  In fact, CylineaSoft seeks the unconventional, searching for ways that unique disciplines can come together to produce apps that meet the needs of all kinds of users.  For this reason, we take great pride in having former speedskater Jeff Kitura as an integral ingredient to our recipe for success.

      Jeff Kitura, originally from Langley B.C., was a member of the Canadian National Long Track speedskating team from 2002-2011, including 7 years of participation in the World Cup competitions.  Considering his athletic prowess, we couldn't imagine a better contributor for the design and functionality of athletic apps.  Not only has Jeff had extensive experience understanding the limits and possibilities of his own body, but he has become equally well-versed in the physical development of others.  As a successful personal trainer, Jeff is adept at recognizing the methods and processes that are most effective for different individuals.  This knowledge has given him special insights into how technology can assist in reaching fitness and athletic goals. CylineaSoft is lucky to have the expertise of Jeff in the design and development of our athletic applications.


       Jeff's contributions are currently relevant with the pending release of Tabata Time Pro, CylineaSoft's new interval trainer.  In both his speedskating and training careers, Jeff relied on tabata timers to increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as to push his and his clients' bodies to the ultimate limit.  While he has been using tabata timers for years, Jeff hasn't found a timer that encompasses all the functionality that he wants.  Often, he found that interval timers were too controlled, restricting the variability available for workouts.  So, Jeff took it upon himself to join the CylineaSoft team to create something that allows athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts to easily set a workout of their choice, and begin accomplishing their goals. 

       Tabata Time Pro is the beginning of a journey in athletic applications, with the ultimate goal being the creation of a suite of tools to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts complete their programs.  With Jeff's knowledge and first-hand experience, CylineaSoft can ensure that these tools are best suited to serve our clients. CylineaSoft's carefully crafted recipe for success relies on the unique strengths brought forward by the different individuals on our team.  We look forward to continuing to utilize key insights from different disciplines to best suit our clients' needs.  

Stay tuned for more information on the features available through Tabata Time Pro, and look forward to CylineaSoft's continued commitment to bettering the world of athletic applications.  Also check out Tabata Time Pro's teaser trailer here.

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